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  Why Certification?
  • While increasing competencies, certified SRA instructors will distinguish themselves in their field, increase credibility and demonstrate a professional commitment to enhancing their teaching expertise. Certification promotes excellence in the preparation of professionals as SRA educators. An SRAS certification:
  • Provides competency, knowledge and performance- based training;
  • Encourages uniform levels of professional expertise in SRA methodology;
  • Increases the overall quality of school and community sexual health education;
  • Provides seasoned SRA educators with continuing education to assure that they have the most current data and research in the SRA field;
  • Offers a quality professional development opportunity for Title V grantees.
  • Successful completion earns the SRAS (Sexual Risk Avoid- ance Specialist) designation to signify 
professional training. (e.g. Jane Doe, SRAS)

o   Certification Training Topics Include:

  • Defining the SRA approach

  • The theoretical and public health basis for SRA

  • Content of successful SRA programs

  • Building parent-child connectedness

  • History of federal SRA policy

  • Building community & school partnerships

  • The importance of research & program evaluation

  • Implementing an evidence-based approach

  • Sexual health data, research, trends & medical accuracy

  • Effective public messaging

  • Applying an SRA code of ethics to your program

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