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Finding a Hotel for Day on the Hill

Please Note: We recommend that you either stay along the blue or orange metro line or within walking distance of the Capitol.  The following information will help you identify the best hotel for your needs.  Remember that some hotels offer free breakfast or dinner . Others provide a suite for more space at no additional cost.  These considerations should be a part of your decision-making.  Do not wait to make reservations.  Hotels fill quickly in Washington DC.  The closer to downtown DC, the more expensive the hotel room, in most cases.

v     Hotels Near Capitol Hill or Along the Blue/Orange Metro Line

To locate hotels near the orange or blue metro lines, follow these steps

1. Click on the link:

2. Click on any metro stop along the orange or blue line

3. A red square indicates a hotel near the metro stop

4.  Click on the red square for information about that hotel

v     Sample Hotels Near Capitol Hill (walking distance)




Walking Directions to Capitol

Marriott Courtyard Navy Yard

140 L Street SE(corner of L and New Jersey )

Walk NW up New Jersey Avenue about 6 blocks. Longworth House Office Bldg is on the left. Enter this building or continue left to Rayburn

The Liaison Capitol Hill Hotel

415 New Jersey Ave. NW

3 blocks from the Capitol Bldg

Hyatt Regency Washington

400 New Jersey, NW

3 blocks from the US Capitol

The Hotel George

15 E Street NW

2 blocks from US Capitol

Phoenix Park Hotel

520 North Capitol St. NW

2 blocks from US Capitol

Capitol Hill Suites

200 C St. SE

Short walk to US Capitol

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